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Only v0.4.0 is listed to download in the itchio desktop application.  Please fix this issue and extend the 100% off sale by at least another day so that people can get it.  Thanks!

Hi, I haven't been using the desktop app so I installed it on both Windows and Mac and all of the files for the latest version are there when I go to the download page. I'm not sure why it wouldn't be showing up for you. Might be something to bring up with itch support.

Looks fun! But I couldn't get my Xbox controllers and Rift to work with it. :'-(

Hey! Unfortunately it won't work with VR at the moment because the camera system I'm using overrides head tracking :(  and the menus would need to be redone. I'm hoping to get that working soon though. As for the controllers, that's weird. They might work without the VR connected? I'll double check with my xbox controllers when I get a chance.

Hey, don't bother checking the Xbox controllers! I just remembered that I had problem with them before -- I think it's something with my Huion monitor, or something.

Please make it claimable.