Finally Finish Something Jam Update

Major update for Finally Finish Something Jam 2019! Some of the new features:

  • Ragdoll physics for the creature.
  • Able to stop and pick up a stone that you can then use to throw at the creature to slow it down.
  • Variable height terrain (bridges, hills, etc). The creature can jump now.
  • Graphics overhaul.
  • Fatigue now updates on a curve while resting (was linear before).
  • You can jump!
  • Visual effects for when fatigue gets too high (double vision, blur, etc).
  • New sound effects and ambient audio.
  • A special area that will clear your fatigue without you having to rest. Where is it?
  • Improved controls.
  • Better how to play screen.
  • Lots of little gameplay tweaks.

Mac OS version is coming soon!


Evil Never Rests [Windows].zip 680 MB
Jan 11, 2019

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