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Slow time, chomp prey, smash trees, and find sunny areas to digest your food before it rots in your belly! Waddle your way around looking for prey to dive at. The larger your food the longer it'll take to swallow so you'll have to ram into some trees to help shove it down your silly throat. 

  • You're a dragon and you're hungry! With a limited supply of trees and prey to feast on, try to survive as long as possible.
  • Small prey can be swallowed immediately while larger prey gets stuck in your mouth so, naturally, you have to bash it into trees to help it go down.
  • Slow time and aim your dash to catch faster prey.
  • Swallowed prey takes time to digest and can start to rot in the dragon's belly. Find a sunny area to digest faster and fight the rot.
    Pro tip: The faster you hit a tree the quicker your food goes down.
  • Don't let the hunger or rot meters become full or it's game over!
    The game also ends if there are no trees or prey remaining.
  • Your playthrough is ranked at the end based on how much food you caught, how many trees are left standing, and how long you were able to survive for.

This is a prototype. As such, there is a lot of work left to be done. I'm open to feedback whether it be constructive criticism or feature suggestions or whatever. 



Left Stick: Move, Aim, Menu Navigation
DPad: Menu Navigation
Right Trigger: Down = Focus, Up = Dive
A: Fight Rot, Menu Select
Start: Pause


Left Stick: Move, Aim, Menu Navigation
DPad: Menu Navigation
R2: Down = Focus, Up = Dive
X: Fight Rot, Menu Select
Start: Pause


WASD: Move, Aim, Menu Navigation
Space: Down = Focus, Up = Dive, Menu Select
Enter: Menu Select
E: Fight Rot
Esc: Pause

Some interesting facts about the Komodo dragon:

  •  Eating takes them a while, so to speed it up they'll ram the carcass against a tree to force it down their throat. This can sometimes break the tree.
  • They are capable of running rapidly in brief sprints up to 20km/h and can dive up to 4.5m (15ft).
  • If they had a large meal it can start to rot in their stomachs if not digested in time. To speed up digestion, Komodo dragons will lay in the sun.
  • Some can be cannibalistic.

Some features that are in the pipeline for updates:

  •  Updated art assets.
  •  Music.
  •  Improved ragdoll physics.
  •  Leaderboards.
  •  New themed locations (Arctic Tundra? The Moon??).
  •  Dragon customization (Hats? Boots??).
  •  Options menu.
  •  Easter eggs.


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The Dragon Feasts Tonight (Prototype 2) [Windows].zip 68 MB
The Dragon Feasts Tonight (Prototype 2) [macOS].app.zip 71 MB
The Dragon Feasts Tonight (Prototype 2) [Linux].zip 87 MB

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As bizarre as this game was I had fun playing it! Definetly could be a cool full game! 

Awesome game! Played it with my controller and absolutely loved it!