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Shoot baddies AT the baddies. 

You gotta get to the exit, but there are turrets and a handful of baddies on the way. The baddies will chase after you, everything will shoot at you.

  • Turrets can be broken by throwing a baddie at them.
  • There are shortcuts in each level, but they are usually the more exposed path.
  • Try to limit the number of baddies you shoot (they'll get back up and make your task even harder).

Version 0.2.0
- First release.

Version 0.3.0
- New level with water and spinning hazards.
- Level select menu.
- New "Star" ranking for completing a level fast enough without taking any damage.
- Pause game (really just slows the game down a lot - fun to shoot a baddie then pause to watch the chaos in slo-mo).
- Added an aiming reticle.
- A bunch of other small additions and tweaks.

Version 0.4.0
- Graphics update.
- Improved level design.
- Destructible turrets.
- Faster player move speed.
- Fixed movement speed bug while in water.
- Restart level hotkey.
- "Pause" is now a dedicated slow motion button (hold).


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Baddies [Windows] (v.0.4.0) 86 MB
Baddies [Mac OS] (v.0.4.0) 90 MB

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This was a lot of fun. I loved the mechanic, and the way the swat guys moved. I also missed that there was a win state, and even having read it in a commment, still struggled to know what I was looking for. So much potential, looking forward to seeing where this goes. Great work


pretty impressive need to added more level and details and this game has potential to be something great looking forward to it plus I hope developer make more level interesting level to make this game more interesting!!

Hey thanks for playing! I'm definitely planning to add some more interesting levels :)

sound good bro!! Looking forward to it in near future!! Keep up the good work!!