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Coffee Gets You There is a "totally accurate simulation" of a coffee drinker's daily commute to work. It was made over the course of a week for Coffee Jam. Six coffees assisted in the making of this game (see below).

The goal is to get to work on time, but it's early and you're a little weak in the knees.  What did you do last night anyway? This walking thing isn't as easy as you remembered. Luckily you have a travel mug full of coffee, hooray!

Take a sip of coffee every so often to keep your balance and collision endurance up. Try not to run out of coffee though!

* A controller is recommended for this game.

Keyboard Controls:

WASD: Move, Menu Navigation
Arrow Keys: Camera
Space: Drink Coffee
Left Shift: Walk (while moving)
R: Quick Reset

Playstation Controls:

Left Stick: Move (walk & run)
D-Pad: Menu navigation
Right Stick: Camera
Cross: Drink Coffee
Triangle: Quick Reset

Xbox Controls:

Left Stick: Move (walk & run)
D-Pad: Menu navigation
Right Stick: Camera
A: Drink Coffee
Y: Quick Reset

In Memoriam:

Coffee Chris
Frappuccino Frank
Coffee Candace
Coffee Chloe
French Vanilla Victor
Coffee Cameron

Audio samples found at http://www.freesfx.co.uk


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Windows.zip 33 MB
OSX.zip 37 MB
Linux.zip 53 MB


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Nice game! A bit short for my taste, but i understand that it was made for a game jam so you were on a time limit.

Great game overall, no complaints, keep it up! :)

I liked it. Had some criticism over the mechanics. Also feel like the Pro Builder grid walls need to be changed or taken out. I think it makes the game look less polished.

Sorry for the audio in the video. My computer used the wrong mic. v___v

Not really a coffee drinker but this game showed me what its like I guess! 

nice game short but fun to play hope there is more to come :)

It's funny and fun, I love it so much!

Downloaded it, now I have 3 files to choose from and im lost.

Hi, thanks for downloading the game! I've updated the download page to include installation instructions.

I expected it to be longer but it was both fun and hilarious! I made a crappy video out of it if you want to check it out.

Was hella shorter than I expected it to be but I had fun and was able to make it into an entertaining video so thank you! 

This game is short but very interesting!😂😂

Short but good.

It feels like this game was way too short, non the less still a fun concept!


Such a fun and silly little game, I really enjoyed trying to get to work while the lack of coffee caused me to act 'drunk'... 

Made a video

i thought this game was great!! it was also hilarious! tripping over a curb then turned around and walked into a lampost haha! really awesome job on creating this game!

This game is short but definitely worth playing. I couldnt stop laughing, the gameplay is great. Great Job on the game