A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Coffee Gets You There is a "totally accurate simulation" of a coffee drinker's daily commute to work. It was made over the course of a week for Coffee Jam. Six coffees assisted in the making of this game (see below).

The goal is to get to work on time, but it's early and you're a little weak in the knees.  What did you do last night anyway? This walking thing isn't as easy as you remembered. Luckily you have a travel mug full of coffee, hooray!

Take a sip of coffee every so often to keep your balance and collision endurance up. Try not to run out of coffee though!

* A controller is recommended for this game.

Keyboard Controls:

WASD: Move, Menu Navigation
Arrow Keys: Camera
Space: Drink Coffee
Left Shift: Walk (while moving)
R: Quick Reset

Playstation Controls:

Left Stick: Move (walk & run)
D-Pad: Menu navigation
Right Stick: Camera
Cross: Drink Coffee
Triangle: Quick Reset

Xbox Controls:

Left Stick: Move (walk & run)
D-Pad: Menu navigation
Right Stick: Camera
A: Drink Coffee
Y: Quick Reset

In Memoriam:

Coffee Chris
Frappuccino Frank
Coffee Candace
Coffee Chloe
French Vanilla Victor
Coffee Cameron

Audio samples found at http://www.freesfx.co.uk

Install instructions

Extract the .zip file.

Windows: "Coffee Gets You There.exe" is the game launcher.

macOS: "Coffee Gets You There.app" is the game launcher.

Linux: "Coffee Gets You There.x86" is the game launcher. There is also a universal version with 64-bit support if you prefer (.x86_64).

If the extracted zip produced a .dll file and/or a data folder, these need to stay in the same directory as the game launcher. 


Windows.zip 33 MB
OSX.zip 37 MB
Linux.zip 53 MB


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Me encantó me pude reír un poco XDD aunque me hubiiese gustado que durase un poquito mas ampoco me quejo XD

At Least Add Some Levels

anyway i made a gameplay of it! HERE IT IS!

The real here here is the caffeine running through my blood. Amazing little game ^^


I never wanted to just RUN ever in my life! haha I love coffee so i loved this game :)


If you want a good laugh you gotta give this game a try. It's definitely hard to complete but funny nontheless.

i cant download the game .. i add to mi library and nothing


name my own price: 0.00

Seems fair.

Pretty sure the main character in this game had something else then coffee in his coffee mug. ☕🥴

Me and the kiddos tried the game and it was hilarious! Lots of giggles and nice to have a simple game to play with younger kids. 

Super fun game, and totally relatable! I loved it!

This game was surprisingly fun lol! First game of my 2 random gameplay

Can I download this on my school computer? Its a Chromebook

you need to install CrossOver which is basically like Wine for Linux.

it's an app that will allow you to run Windows software.

the game is cool

(1 edit)
loved thwe

physics it was really cool 

3/10 I expected coffee to get me into my coworkers sheets it did not...

(its the 2nd game)

I loved this game! I gotta know when this thing releases! Personally, I felt like sidewalks were my enemy. After a while I just realized that the street is safer than the side walks. Lol

I had fun with this game took me wayy longer than it had to however

Hello, I was interested in your game "Coffee Gets You There"
I would like to buy you a license for this game in the assembly webgl
Is it possible How much is it?
I want to place this game on my site


Hi, thanks for your interest! Unfortunately I have no interest in doing a WebGL version since I'm more focused on a full release for Steam and other stores. I'd also prefer that this jam version of the game remain an itch.io exclusive. Sorry about that!

It's a fun game...

Good little physics game, your's start around 1:10. Coffee Chris was a great man :')
(1 edit)

Coffee Gets You There is one funny "simulator". I can't say I had the same problem when I am going to work and need coffee to get me there. But you have now showed me how it can be if I would have a very bad morning. ;)

Too bad it was short. It was a bit of a challenge at first and would be great to see more from you in the future. 

Fun little game! enjoyed it 

 its the other half of the video


Come see what silly free games I've found this week! 😂 I'll showcase 3 games all in 1 video! 😝

Coffee Gets Me There - Is the 2nd game! Great fun wish it was longer!

It really cool especially the city but the controls were kinda strange to get

This was a very cool coffee game!  The characters movement was a bit hard to control but it was still really fun to play! :D 

I Loved it, as I think I said in the video, this would be amazing if there were levels that progressively got harder. I really think that this game could get out there with just a few added features and updates. Keep up the work!


Have you ever wondered what the perfect cure for a hangover is? COFFEE! (and a nice walk)

I can relate to this game, although I can't personally say that i've ever stumbled outside my house without coffee, let alone to work. Love the art style of this game; with the hot dog man being my personal favourite. Wish that the game wasn't so "closed in" especially across the right path of the road, but it was well worth the play.

You can check out my experience in the video below! (Coffee starts at ~12:15)

Short, silly, and with decent replay value for giggles, Coffee Gets You There is an amusing piece of work. Though you only play in a small area, everything looks pretty well designed. And those wobbly walking physics...I'm pretty sure the main character is both sleep deprived and drunk. The only issue I have with the game is its lack of music.

Good job, dev. This could definitely be something bigger someday.

Difficult but fun


Coffee bad! Or coffee good? I'm in two minds now! We made to work eventually thanks to the goopy brown energy juice, but I think I may have suffered several fractures, including numerous work-ending injuries.

However, at the same time I had an absolute blast, even if the random pedestrians and motorists watched on in horror as I annihilated myself on any passing rocks I chanced upon.

11/10 would smooch rocks again.

Keep up the great work Kev, this was super fun! =)

A nice short game - silly physics and a simple objective.

For further development more levels would be nice, and as well as a best time leaderboard - I hope to see more from you and this in the future :)

Nice game! A bit short for my taste, but i understand that it was made for a game jam so you were on a time limit.

Great game overall, no complaints, keep it up! :)


Thanks for the kind words!

I liked it. Had some criticism over the mechanics. Also feel like the Pro Builder grid walls need to be changed or taken out. I think it makes the game look less polished.

Sorry for the audio in the video. My computer used the wrong mic. v___v

Thanks for the feedback! The grid walls are just there because I didn't have time to place obstacles for multiple paths the player could take. So it exists to funnel the player through the "interesting" parts. But yeah, putting a wall along the middle of a road maybe wasn't the best idea.

Not really a coffee drinker but this game showed me what its like I guess! 

That was a fun video! Thanks for playing.

nice game short but fun to play hope there is more to come :)

Always more :)

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